Revolving COSMOS !
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                                                Author: Yong C Kouh
                                                Astrophilosopher, retired

                                                Born: May 10 1933 Seoul, Korea
                                                Nationality: U.S.A.
                                                Residence: Florida, USA

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                                                Copy right © 2016 by Yong C. Kouh

                                                February 1st, 2016


    This hypothetical theory would be proved, hopefully, within the next 100 years by world-wide astronomers, with their observation and mathematical calculations.


    We, now, know many thing about the universe in which we belong to. Our planets, stars, galaxies, big-bang, cosmic inflation, black-holes, dark-matters, warping space-time & light, radio-wave, radiation, magnetic force, gravity, gravitational wave, supernova, exoplanets, and search for the extraterrestrial life forms, etc … 

    Many believe that the history of the universe began from the space-time-ZERO, the moment of the BIG-BANG (?), as the origin of our entire universe and time…. However, a number of physicists, cosmologists, and astronomers are still puzzled and struggling with too many unsolved phenomena occurring in our universe from their observation,

* What existed before the BIG-BANG?
* What is the terminal destination of our expanding universe?
* Why there are no galaxies moving away in opposite direction from the assumed point of 
  BIG BANG? (Assumed point: By the reverse-calculation of the movements of the galaxies.)
* Why the expansion rate of universe appears to be accelerating? While the moving velocity 
  (refer to assumed point of the big-bang) of the each galaxies are slowing down?
* Why each galaxies moving directions are not straight-line, but warping parabolic? 
* Why we cannot calculate the moving speed and direction of each cosmic bodies accurately  
  based on the current theories? What invisible, unknown, matters are making gravitational  
  influence to the cosmic bodies, and even to the light? 
* What are the huge volume of invisible dark-matters, assuming about three times of the mass of
  our, known entire universe, and where are they?
* Are we along in the universe? Is earth, really, a unique planet in the universe to have life- 

    We would not have all these answers by prevailing theory of modern cosmology without additional fundamental Grand-Unified-Theory of our universe! 

    I believe that the universe is consisted of four different STATES of COSMOS: 

    (3)Collapsing-state-cosmos, and  

    Through which the cosmos perpetually revolve… The, so called, Big-Bang theory was not completed! The theory might explain only 1/4th of the universe, Expanding-state-cosmos.

    The life of the universe is eternal. It was not created by singular-accidental event of so called Big-Bang, expanding in all direction from a point of explosion.

   Cosmos in each of the four states might have totally different laws of physics which we do not know, and may even be in a different time frame dimension.

    The philosophical meaning of space, and time are relative terms. If there are nothing, no matters and force, space does not exist. If everything are standstill, no mutual change, there are no time either!

    Our current existence resides in a unique-time-dimension of a tiny, the milky-way galaxy, part of the Expanding-state-COSMOS, age of multi-billion years by our conception of time, after the forwarding GRAND-SHOOTOUT from the GRAND-COSMIC-SINKHOLE. 

    There are two basic components of the fundamental eternal universe: The primordial particles and fundamental gravitational-force between the particles. All others, such as, heat, light, magnetic force, radio waves, radiations, and even life forms are momentary phenomena that are temporarily created byproducts of the mutual change of the primordial particles and the fundamental gravitational-force, and will disappear eventually.


Phase one: The explosive inflation period.

    The infinite volume of matters (equal to the mass of our entire COSMOS) were ultra-super compressed to ultra mini-size by the gravitational force in the Grand-Cosmic-Sinkhole. 

    At the SPACETIME-ZERO, based on our conceptual time frame dimension, the inflation of the cosmos began from the moment of GRAND-SHOOTOUT coming out of the GRAND-COSMIC-SINKHOLE tunnel. The ultra-superhot, super-bright, and super-compressed matters expanded outward by the speed of light, creating ultra-strong gravitational-shockwave, a ripple in the fundamental gravitational-force, creating the vast expanding SPACE and beginning of TIME

    It was NOT just a singular event of an explosion from a point to all direction, so called, BIG BANG. The Grand-Shootout was the beginning of our space-time zero, and forward inflation of the space, our current Expanding-state-cosmos. . 

    The Grand-Shootout is sequential and continuous, however we only exist in our time dimension. The subsequent Grand-Shootouts belong to another time frame dimension. 

    The universe does not exist in one absolute time frame. A different time frame dimension exist for each of the four states of cosmos. Everything belong to other time frame dimension does not exist, philosophically, for us in the current time frame dimension. 

Phase two: Star forming period.

    The ultra-compressed and superhot, cosmic-matters made of the fundamental primordial particles were moving forward and expanding by the speed of light from the Grand-Shootout. The path of the cosmic matter during the Grand-Shootout was forwarding but curved. It is not a straight line. The path is warping parabolic and expanding as the infinite vast space. The moving direction of warping is influenced by the great gravitational forces from the other three invisible dimensional cosmos, the Standstill-state-cosmos, the Collapsing-state-cosmos, and the Compressed-state-cosmos. 

    By farther expansion, called inflation of the cosmos, the speed of cosmic bodies and temperature were gradually lowered, and the super-compressed ultra-hot cosmic matters began breaking down into many chunks, and began to form clusters of astronomical number of galaxies in the space. The astronomical number of stars, exoplanets, and even the small black-holes at the center of each galaxies were created during this process.

    During these inflation period, many life forms could be created among the multi trillions of planets. However, they have very slim chance, if any, to contact each other because their existence, as well as even the life of the planets is fleeting compared to the life of cosmos which could be quadrillion or more years. 

Phase three: End of inflation period.  

    Even though the moving speed of every galaxy, refer to the assumed point of the Super-Shootout, are gradually slowing down, but the cosmic space expansion rate is accelerating, because of the moving by parabolic expansion path like an umbrella shape. Continuously, our cosmos will loosing speed and light, cooling and breaking down to cosmic-debris. Eventually, after multi-quadrillion or quintillion years of our space-time journey, all cosmic-debris will be resolved to fundamental primordial particles, and blend into the dark Standstill-state-cosmos, without heat and light at all, and became the vast space.


Phase-one: Blending period.

    In the infinite vast space, cool and very slow moving infinite volume of fundamental primordial particles are spreading out even without heat and lights. It is the beginning of another dimensional cosmos and space-time-zero, out of the Expanding-state-cosmos.

Phase-two: Standstill period. 

    It is vast and invisible dark space. The whole cosmos is simply a vast and empty from our conceptual viewpoint.

    The eternal vast cosmos is filled with infinite amount of fundamental primordial particles, cosmic dusts, but there are no movement, no heat and light. The entire cosmos is absolutely at standstill, but full of gravitational-force. The standstill period may last multi- quadrillion years or more, by our conceptual meaning of time, but the world is invisible and no change will take place. 

    The Stand-still-cosmos has infinite amount of fundamental primordial matters and force of gravity, but philosophically the cosmos does not exist, and even the time is frozen. One second, or multi-quintillion years of period does not make any difference or meaning at all.

Phase-three: Cosmic wriggling period.

    Time is not absolute, but a relative-concept. No change means, conceptually not EXIST and NO TIME too. 

    Breaking out of the absolute standstill, somewhere in the inner-zone of the Standstill-state-cosmos, among the fundamental primordial particles, infinitesimally slow movement will be initiated and grow by the gravitational force which was influenced from the Compressed-state-cosmos faraway. It is the beginning of another dimensional space TIME!


Phase one: Binding period.

    The end of the Standstill-state-COSMOS is the another space-time-zero for the Collapsing-state-cosmos. The infinitesimally small flow of the fundamental primordial particles will begin to accelerate, and the fundamental primordial particles will begin binding, collapsing, and fusing together in lumps by the inter-particles fundamental gravitational-force and enforced gravity from the Compressed-state-cosmos faraway, producing a tremendous amount of heat and bright light. 

Phase two: Star forming period.

    The gravitational compressing and accelerated swirling force start to create multi-quadrillions of hot and bright stars, nebulas, and multi-trillions of galaxy clusters. This is the Collapsing-state-cosmos, the opposite from our current Expansion-state-cosmos. The law of physics in this cosmos might be totally different from ours, and unknown.

    During the collapsing period, many life forms might be created among the multi trillions of planets. Again, they have very slim chance, if any, to contact each other because their existence, as well as even the life of the planets, is fleeting compare to the life of the cosmos which could be quadrillion or more years. 

    Furthermore, philosophically, the cosmos, other than our current Expanding-state-cosmos, do not exist to us because we are in a different time dimension.

Phase three: End of shrinking period.

    All of the cosmic-bodies, such as, multi-trillions of stars, nebulas, galaxy clusters etc, will continuously fuse together into super-hot and super-compressed form. The small size, but superhot and bright masses collapsed and rushed into the GRAND-COSMIC-SINKHOLE. 

    That is the end of the multi-quadrillion or quintillion years long-journey, by our conceptual time, of the Collapsing-state-cosmos, and the beginning of the next dimension of Compressed-state-cosmos.


Phase one: Collapsing period

    At another space-time-zero, the ultra-super-hot mass of cosmic-bodies that have been super-compressed to infinitesimally small size, but having the entire mass of the cosmos, which was equal to the entire mass of the Collapsing-state-cosmos, collapsed and rushed into 

Phase two: Compressed period

    The mass, heat, light, and even the time are compressed into infinitesimal terminal-value. 
How long it took to go through the GRAND-COSMIC-SINKHOLE tunnel? Even the time is compressed and frozen. Just a second? Or multi quintillion years? The conceptually relative our time doesn’t have any meaning at all in this state. 

Phase three: Grand shootout period

    Eventually, the infinitesimal terminal-value of the entire mass of the cosmos will shootout to other side of the GRAND-COSMIC-SINKHOLE by own re-bouncing energy force which is unimaginable by current human knowledge!

    Anyway, the moment of GRAND-SHOOTOUT is another dimensional, new, space-time-zero of the beginning of Expanding-state-cosmos.